Charm of Tondano Lake

For those of you who come from Galway or Tomohon certainly familiar with the tourist sites of Lake Tondano. Yes, this lake had become one of famous tourist attractions in North Sulawesi. But if you are not from this area, try visiting to see the beauty of nature there.

The lake is located 600 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4278 hectares is located in the village Remboken, about three kilometers from the town of Tomohon or about 30 kilometers from Manado.

From the city to Lake Tondano Tomohon takes about one hour drive through winding roads. You can use private cars or ride public transportation from Manado or Tomohon.

Since 2003 the area is managed by the private sector and is known as Sumaru Endo. Various tourism facilities such as bungalows, swimming pools and restaurants you can find here. This allows you to stay a few days if coming from afar.

In addition, you can also find car rental service, rental equipment and rental pool for the tour boat around the lake. To get around, you just pay Rp50 thousand, but must wait for a boat filled with 10 passengers.

The roads near the lake is also a fun activity in the cold. From the side of the lake in Toliang Oki, and Tondano Pante you can see the beautiful Maluku sea, behind the hill Lembean. Entrance fee to the object of this tour is USD 4 thousand.

In addition to the location of the edge, in the middle of Lake Tondano there is also a small island called Pulau Likri. Unfortunately, you can not stop on the island for the boat to follow a different route.

Various other interesting activities you can see in this lake is fishing activities conducted nike local communities by using nets resembling a spoon that is formed from a bamboo stick on both sides.

If your vacation plans yet composed, selipkanlah tourist sites including Lake Tondano. With natural beauty, surrounded by green mountains, you will not lose money to come here.

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